The Mobiliser

A powerful spinal mobilisation system

"Its like pressing a factory reset button for the spine."

Back Stretch

The spinal mobiliser and back massager is ideal for restoring mobility in the spine; for assisting rehabilitation following back injury, surgery, sciatica or just dealing with non-specific back pain.

Mobilisation of the spinal joints is known to achieve the following:

  •     To safely tackle chronic joint pain

  •     To help with manipulative treatments

  •     To improve resilience in daily activities

  •     To reduce inflammation and increase circulation levels

  •     To create a positive circle of greater movement...greater fitness...greater movement

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Expert Guidance

The device itself is using your own body weight as a mechanism for creating bend and stretch in your spine. Its a sensation that's quite hard to explain, but also amazing when you feel it. Some find it quite uncomfortable to be lifted and mobilised,  but that's normal and this can be eased with the specialist 'early user' padding.

The Mobiliser doesn't just cover the spine, its travels right from the feet to the top of your head and every area in between. You are lifted from underneath enabling your spine to move freely and your rib-cage to expand without resistance. This combination, repeated over the 15 minutes that a session lasts, can create a wonderful upright feeling, a decrease in pain, relief from sciatica amongst other things.

Almost all users can feel changes in the way their body works and feels after as little as one session and generally the effects of the first mobilisation last between a few hours and a two days. 

Many are a little apprehensive before using it for the first time and that's totally understandable! I know first hand how nerve racking it can be to have a spine that is permanently on the verge of spasm, or to be enduring a constant throbbing pain, sciatica or any number of other back problems. But I also know the potential for change through improved movement, reduced inflammation and decreased spasm. That's why I am always happy to chat it through by phone or walk you through your first session in the clinic.


An evidence based machine which has shown improvement in both spinal mobility and reduction in stiffness and pain.

If you have long term back problems, this Mobiliser may be just what you need. My patients come in regularly for a 15 min session, and I believe it reduces the amount of Physiotherapy treatment that they require by assisting in integrating the spinal curves through the body.
As well as using it with my patients, the Mobiliser is also available to people who just want a quick and effective back massage and mobilisation. To book a stand alone (ie non-Physio) session, click below.